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Textile Circular Economy Gets the Green Light in Aotearoa -NZ

Media Release –  2022


Diverse partners have come together to create a circular system to reuse the untapped resource of unwanted clothing and textiles, onshore in Aotearoa. Textile waste is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing waste streams, their outsized impact…


NZ’s Fashion And Textile Industry Fast-track Decarbonisation

Media Release –  2022


New Zealand’s fashion and textile industry is taking a significant step forward, addressing climate change and improving how clothes are brought to market and managed at end-of-use, by implementing a Textile Product Stewardship Scheme co-designed by the industry..”


UsedFULLY’s New Advisory Board Adds Further Depth Of Expertise To Drive Better Textile Emissions Management In Aotearoa

Media Release –  2021


“The founding members of UsedFULLY’s newly established Advisory Board are high-profile local and international experts in sustainable business, reflecting both the growing global awareness of the need to address the environmental impacts of the textile industry and the track record the UsedFULLY team has built in this area over the past decade…..”


Textile Product Stewardship Is On Its Way

Written by Bernadette Casey & Brian Johnston, Revolve Magazine –  2021


“We know these figures thanks to open- source research from organisations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and WRAP UK. The difficulty arises when trying to understand the local picture. It has been 12 years since the Ministry for the Environment’s last comprehensive waste audit, which estimated total textiles at 4% of landfill. In that time global clothing production has almost doubled....”

The Sartorial Skin You Are In Pt.2

Written by Bernadette Casey, Pure Advantage –  2020

“There is no sugar coating the seismic disruption the pandemic has created for the clothing industry. New Zealand, small and remote, is in a unique position to build a better clothing system and our strengths lie in the very reasons why we have been overlooked by big fast fashion brands until just fairly recently...”

The Sartorial Skin You Are In Pt.1

Written by Bernadette Casey, Pure Advantage –  2020

The word ‘fashion’ can evoke an elite clique of creatives to which ordinary clothes wearing people like you and me can feel excluded. But unless you are reading this in the nudey, and all power to you if you are, your clothes wearing self is part of the global clothing system..”

Fashion Fluid: A Panel Discussion 

Written by Simon Swale –  2019

“Fashion Fluid” panel discussion hosted by Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Otago Polytechnic School of Fashion and chaired by Simon Swale from Otago Polytech included industry professionals, academics and fashion educators: Donna Dinsdale, Emily Miller-Sharma, Murray Bevan Sue Prescott and our founder Bernadette Casey. Discussions such as this provide rich cross sector knowledge for all fashion stakeholders.

On The Mend: Impact Report 

Written by Daniella Pretorius – December 2019

The clothing and textile sector has a considerable part to play in the transition to a low carbon future. Over 100 billion garments are produced every year with only a fraction recycled. Textile production creates about 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2e per year …

Low Carbon is Trending: Are You Ready?

Written by Brian Johnston – October 2019

“Climate change, and carbon emissions are a global challenge, and we are a global industry. So what does this mean for businesses in/or interacting with the textile industry? …

Video Presentation: Textile Reuse Programme 

Presentation by Bernadette Casey – May 2019

Framing social and environmental problems as individual diverts us from any real critique of the system. What once was the role of government and public sector, protection of citizens and the environment, has been handed to the private sector. Buying fair trade commodities will not save the biosphere. We need to radically reduce our consumption…”

Image: Neil O’Styke

Research: Textile Reuse Programme: Building Macro Circular Systems for used clothing 

Research Article by Bernadette Casey – May 2019

“Circularity is being touted as the next evolution of the fashion system. The model, if successfully implemented, could radically reduce the draw on virgin resources, reduce carbon impacts, eliminate waste and extract considerably higher value from clothing. To transition from the current linear model to a circular one requires the alignment of multiple factors, from up-stream processing capability, logistics, technology and capital…”

Research: An investigation into the impact of values on hedonic and utilitarian purchasing behaviour 

Dissertation by Bernadette Casey – August 2017

“From the optimistic post war era of the 1950’s emerged the notion of hedonic purchasing, that mankind was not limited to purchasing just for utilitarian, practical and functional reasons, but also purchased for pleasure and the symbolic meaning of goods. This concept has been the foundation of consumer behaviour theory for near …

Global Fashion Conference 2018

Bernadette Casey, NZ Apparel Magazine – November 2018

“The Global Fashion Conference is held bi-annually, bringing together an international cast of fashion and design academia and the fashion industry itself to explore the ‘dynamics, challenges and propositions’ of fashion and sustainability. is year the conference was held over two days, 31 October – 1 November at the University of the Arts London …”

Evolution/Revolution – How textiles have remade our world time and again and why we need them to do it again

Bernadette Casey, NZ Apparel – September 2018

“Our language reflects the profound impact of textiles on humanity and society’s development, words like fabricate from the Latin word fabrica ‘something skilfully produced’, text and textile from the verb texere, to weave. We speak of hanging by a thread, or being frazzled, of catching a shuttle, of spin-offs, and looming deadlines. Textile terminology is so deeply imbedded in the vernacular we give little thought to its genesis.…”

The Cost of Sustainability

Bernadette Casey, NZ Apparel – May 2018

“These days, a business that is not sharing information on its social and environmental performance is perceived as underperforming or, even worse, being ignorant…”

Retail Marketing in the Post-Consumer Era

Bernadette Casey, NZ Apparel – March 2018

“Economists are concluding the world is transitioning from a hyper-consumption economic model to a post-consumerism era that is beginning to take into consideration the ecological boundaries of this planet. Given the transition we are facing, how we communicate to customers also needs to evolve…”

5 Minutes with Bernadette Casey

Bernadette Casey, NZ Apparel – February 2018

An introduction to The Formary’s Creative Director, Bernadette Casey.

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