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Textile Product Stewardship Project
Recommendation of an appropriate vehicle for Textile Product Stewardship in Aotearoa New Zealand

Written by Bernadette Casey, Brian Johnston & Peter Thompson – Jan 2023

“The Textile Product Stewardship Project has been tasked with delivering to the Ministry for the Environment — Manatū Mō Te Taiao the ‘Recommendation of an appropriate vehicle for Textile Product Stewardship to set up and administer an accredited voluntary Product Stewardship Scheme for textiles in New Zealand’. This report provides an insight into industry opinion and recommendations of the path forward. It is also an invitation to government and all industry players to work closely together co-creating a thriving and resilient low carbon industry.”

(image credit to: Anne Nygård)

Textile Product Stewardship Project
Waste-to-Value : Textiles as Raw Materials for Other Industries (Case studies : two types of textile composition product pathway pilot projects)

Written by Deborah Crowe – Oct 2022

“Textiles are both a priority and an opportunity when it comes to reaching our climate commitments. To effectively divert unwanted textiles from landfill requires large scale science based product pathways that are financially viable. This report provides an overview of the current textile reprocessing landscape and explores what opportunities there are to create commercial scale waste-to-value solutions in Aotearoa NZ.”

Textile Product Stewardship Project
Post-Consumer Clothing, Homewares & Linen, Audit & Impact Report

Written by Bernadette Casey, Deborah Crowe, Daniella Pretorius & Peter Thompson – Sep 2022

“As consumer awareness grows of the environmental and social impacts of clothing and household linens, so too do the expectations of brands and retailers to provide more ethical and sustainable products. Over the last few years work of a core group of industry stakeholders through the Textile Reuse Programme has resulted in a clearer understanding of the elements required in order to support a less impactful and more resilient local textile industry. The scale of textile waste is considerable, its impacts vast, requiring industrial-scale solutions including coordinated collection, aggregation and sorting through to viable and pragmatic alternatives to landfill.

“The lack of available data on the composition, volumes and condition of post-consumer textile waste has been a barrier to assessing potential reuse and recycling opportunities, and to understanding the investment required to manage these resources at end-of-use. This audit and analysis of ~100kg Post-Consumer Clothing, Homewares & Linen provides insights into steps which can be taken towards improved management of these resources in New Zealand.

UsedFULLY – Textile Reuse Programme
Final Submission: Emissions Reduction Plan

Written by Bernadette Casey – 2021

“Textiles are our earliest and most enduring form of technology, more ancient than bronze and as current as digital currency. Highly resource intensive, textiles are both a priority and an opportunity when it comes to reaching our climate commitments…”

White Paper: Recommendations to the New Zealand Government from the Clothing and Textile Industry

Written by Bernadette Casey & Brian Johnston – 2021

“The clothing and textile industry is one of the largest and most impactful industries in the world. The fashion sector alone is worth approximately USD $2.5 trillion. In Aotearoa the value chain extends from agriculture (production of textile fibres), manufacture…..”

UsedFULLY – Textile Reuse Programme
Submission on the Climate Change Commission Draft Proposal

Written by Bernadette Casey – 2021

“Most clothing and textiles ultimately end up in landfill releasing greenhouse gases as they decompose. While the rate of emissions varies by geography (and level of research), there is alignment on the fact that after food waste, textiles are a hotspot for emissions in landfill....”

Looking in the Mirror: A review of circularity in the clothing and textile industry in Aotearoa

Written by Bernadette Casey & Brian Johnston – 2020

“We started the research for this report in April 2020, New Zealand was in Stage Four lock down in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The clothing industry was in free fall and brand priorities were upended in response to the closure of retail stores. Financial models flipped from digital sales supplementing brick and mortar stores, to stores as the support ....”

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