Your Old Towels Could Be Repurposed Into Roads

Curation UK, June 2022

 “Circular clothing firm Usedfully and its partners will pilot Strength-Tex, made with used textiles …”


A Circular Economy For Textiles

Apparel Magazine, May 2022

 “As New Zealand’s fastest-growing waste stream, unused and unwanted textiles…”


NZ Fashion Industry Kicks Carbon To The Curb With New Circularity Scheme

Peppermint Magazine, March 2022

 “New Zealand’s fashion folk are doing the Earth a solid and taking a huge leap…”


Footprint Episode 5: Fashion

Newstalk ZB, November 2021

 “In New Zealand we send an average of 44kg of textiles to landfill per year, per person…”


Closing The Take, Make, Waste Loop

NBR, August 2021

 “Pessimism is an easy attitude to adopt when looking at the state of the world…”


Aiming To Make New Zealand The Global Exemplar For Sustainable Fashion

NZHerald, August 2021

 “A Wellington couple passionate about sustainable textiles are leading an industry government partnership next month…”


Textile Industry Is The Third Biggest Carbon Emitter Behind Agriculture And Oil/Gas

NewstalkZB, July 2021

 “Alongside oil, gas and agriculture, the textile industry is one of the biggest carbon-emitters…”


The Company Wanting To Turn Your Old T-shirts Into Roading

Stuff, June 2021

 “Peter Thompson and Bernadette Casey aren’t trying to reinvent the textile recycling wheel. They’re just trying to make it turn in Aotearoa…”


Clothing Businesses Call On Government To Regulate Textile Waste

Newshub, May 2021

 A group of clothing and textile businesses is calling on the Government to better regulate waste in their own industry​…..”


Usedfully Says $3b Needed For Recycling Facilities Should Be Funded By A Public Private Partnership

Stuff Business, May 2021

 “The Government and private companies need to come together to solve the issue of textile waste, says Usedfully creative director​ Bernadette Casey​…..”


A Global Avalanche Of Used Clothing Is Coming. NZ Needs To Do More To Save It From Landfill

The Spinoff, May 2021

 “The government has announced aggressive targets for tackling plastics, but has remained largely silent on the issue of waste textiles, writes Bernadette Casey….”


Why I’m Campaigning The Government To Talk About Fashion

Ensemble Magazine, May 2021

 “Bernadette Casey is a sustainability advisor and the co-founder of Usedfully, a local organisation campaigning to reduce the amount of waste going to ….”


Call for Clothing Industry To Have Product Stewardship Scheme

Radio New Zealand, April 2021

 “The clothing and textiles industry is among the world’s worst carbon-emitters – now the government is being urged to consider bringing textile recycling within ….”


Usedfully Urges Climate Change Commission ‘Not to Overlook Clothing & Textile Waste’

Fuseworks, March 2021

 “Usedfully’s submission on the Climate Change Commission’s draft advice to Government on climate action specifically highlights the opportunity to move the dial ….”


The Project NZ 2020
We were interviewed by The Project NZ to shed light on the the world’s clothing system. Annual clothing production is over 100 billion units but only a tiny fraction of these clothes are ever recycled. Most clothing ends up in landfill releasing over 3 x its weight in green-house gases as it decomposes, meanwhile virgin resources continue to be extracted to feed the industry.

Bernadette Casey: Changing The Way We Think About Clothes

Radio New Zealand June 2020

 “As the clothing industry went into lockdown, factories were shuttered, huge fashion brands cancelled orders, their warehouses full and nowhere to put new stock, which now sits in containers on wharves”…


New Zealand Landfills Are Becoming Full Of Unloved Clothes As ‘Fast Fashion’ Grows

Sunday Star Times July 2019

 “Fashionable clothing has many ugly sides – the clothing filling our landfills is one of the fastest growing causes of waste in New Zealand”…


The Inspiring Woman Behind The Formary

Nadia Magazine February 2019

 “It was the one per cent that did it. When Bernadette Casey learned that only one per cent of used clothing is recycled into new fibres globally, the Wellingtonian realised she had to act…”


Social Enterprise World Forum 2018
As a Social Enterprise our business is led by our purpose to deliver positive social and environmental impact in the communities in which we work and live.  We are so fortunate to work with others that share our vision, organisations like Wellington Zoo, who worked with us to responsibly manage their decommissioned uniforms. This beautiful video was developed for Ākina Foundation and filmed by the super talented Sonder.

How The Formary is Reimagining Textile Waste

Herald Magazine April 2018

 “When British designer Vivienne Westwood sent duffels, holdalls and totes made out of coffee sacks down the runway as part of her spring/summer 2018 collection, Bernadette Casey couldn’t help but smile. The bags, which were made in Nairobi out of locally sourced coffee sacks as part of Westwood’s commitment to an ethical fashion initiative, reminded Casey of one of her own projects…”


New Zealand Network Combats Clothing Consumption

Eco Textile News 2018

 “Industry, government and social enterprise in New Zealand have collaborated to launch the Textile Reuse Programme; an initiative with an ambition of transitioning the country to a closed loop manufacturing model. The nation-wide initiative has been introduced in an effort to combat clothing consumption, waste and the subsequent climate impact. According to The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), carbon consumption must…”